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IGARSS 2019 Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Floorplan
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Platinum Sponsor
Booth Exhibitor
Booth 1 Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is a core performance agency to support the Japanese government's overall aerospace development and utilization. JAXA conducts integrated operations from basic research and development, to utilization. JAXA obtains an enormous quantity of data from satellites such as the Greenhouse Gases Observation Satellite (GOSAT), the Global Precipitation Measurement/Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar (GPM/DPR), the Global Change Observation Mission (CGOM-W/C), and the Advanced Land Observation Satellite-2 (ALOS-2). JAXA provides accurate and systematic information that elucidates the earth environment change process and supports our lives by continuous earth observation using satellites.

Gold Sponsor
Booth 3 Synspective Inc.

Synspective is a Japanese startup company that will establish a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite constellation of about 25 satellites and provide geospatial solutions. Synspective gathers broad and high-frequency monitoring data from our own SAR satellite constellation and extracts information using statistical and machine learning techniques to better enable decision-making and action by companies and governments. The information has multiple benefits such as visualization and prediction of economic activity, monitoring of terrain and structures, and immediate understanding of disaster situations.

Exhibit contents: Full-sized mock-up model of Synspective’s small SAR satellite; Solution samples

Silver Sponsors
Booth 7 Harris Geospatial Solutions

Harris provides ENVI and SARscape, our mission is to empower people to easily extract useful information from Remote sensing data.


Mitsubishi Electric's space technology includes the manufacture and implementation of satellites,satellite components, and ground systems. Over the past five decades, we have completed morethan 570 satellite projects for communications concerns, government agencies, and other large-scaleclients that make us the leading company of space systems in Japan. Our satellites and groundsystems work behind the scenes to improve the quality and convenience of life.

Booth 15 NEC Corporation

NEC is leading ICT Company. We provides solutions for a better society in a wide range of fields as a pioneering ICT integrator of computing, software, networks, and space systems. For space systems, NEC has integrated around 70 satellites and has provided 7000 units for more than 250 satellites worldwide.

Exhibitors (Alphabetical)
Type A Exhibitors
Booth 8 Antenna Giken Co., Ltd.

Antenna Giken, located in the north-east of the Tokyo metropolitan area, provides wide variety ofantennas and communication devices for professional and industrial use. Our products contribute tothe antidisaster community wireless systems, fire-fighting radio systems, broadcasting, and publictransportation networks as well as satellites and defense applications. In the IGARSS 2019, we aredemonstrating our expertise by showing corner reflectors to be used in the calibration process ofearth observatory satellites and a millimeter wave parabolic antenna developed for broadcastingsystems. And a GPS antenna is introduced as our contribution to the ocean-floor observation AUV(Autonomous Underwater Vehicle).

Booth 6 AW3D

AW3D is the world’s most precise pre-produced global 3D map covering all global land spaces with 5 meter resolution, developed jointly by Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC), and NTT DATA Corporation. AW3D has been used in 800 projects, over 100 countries across the globe, to contribute to measures for infrastructure, disaster prevention and much more.

AW3D Suites also offers higher resolution 3D map up to half-meter-resolution, including 3D building vector datasets, telecom datasets, and airport datasets.

Booth 11 Headwall Photonics

Headwall Photonics is a leading designer and manufacturer of hyperspectral instrumentation for remote sensing, advanced machine vision, medical/biotech, and government/defense markets. The company offers complete integrated solutions that include drones with imaging sensors and other instruments for remote-sensing missions such as crop disease detection, mining, environmental monitoring, and even imaging from manned and spaceborne platforms. Headwall enjoys a market leadership position by designing and manufacturing spectral solutions that are customized for application-specific performance for end-users and OEM customers. Headwall is based in Massachusetts where it has two facilities (Bolton and Fitchburg). European operations (Headwall BVBA) are located in Belgium.

Booth 12 HySpex - Norsk Elektro Optikk AS

We produce, in all fairness, the best hyperspectral cameras in the World for lab, field, airborne and UAV applications.

Booth 10 Malvern Panalytical

ASD spectrometers and spectroradiometers provide state-of-the-art, real time spectral performance. These instruments, when combined with ASD’s software and support tools create powerful information that helps you to improve, simplify, and streamline your research and production processes, ideal for a multitude of material measurement solutions.

Booth 14 Taylor & Francis Group

Taylor & Francis partners with world-class authors, from leading scientists and researchers, to scholars and professionals operating at the top of their fields. Together, we publish in all areas of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, Science, Technology and Medicine sectors. We are one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals, books, eBooks, text books and reference works. We publish more than 2,600 journals and over 5,000 new books each year, with a books backlist in excess of 120,000 specialist titles.

Type B Exhibitors
Booth 16 Beijing PIESAT Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing PIESAT Information Technology Co., Ltd. (PIESAT for short) is a Chinese high-tech enterprise specializing in research and application of satellite technology (Remote sensing satellite and Navigation satellite). Founded in 2008, PIESAT keeps on providing professional services and applications of domestic satellites as its mission. PIESAT has independently developed software Pixel Information Expert (PIE), offering its clients integrated solution of geospatial information application.

PIESAT locates in Beijing and has branches and representative offices in 32 cities nationwide. PIESAT has more than 1000 employees, and has a strong R&D team of which over 80% are geomatics experts.


Fujitsu is Japanese leading ICT Company, offering various technology products, solutions and services. Technical computing unit in Fujitsu provides wide range of technologies and services for aerospace, meteorology and Astronomy projects, and also build 30 years of experience in the development of supercomputers. The business platform "SORAplats" enables to acquire target data converting to support customer’s decision making and problem solution from remote sensing data provided by satellites. It is a cloud service, providing statistical and time series data from "Remote", "Wide-aria" and "Periodic" data.

Booth 29 Japan EO-Satellite Service, Ltd. (JEOSS)

Japan EO Satellite Service Ltd, (JEOSS) is a company with mission to contribute to safe and secure society by providing very-high-resolution (VHR) remote sensing data and services. Our product ASNARO-2 image is taken with the very high resolution radar satellite launched in January 2018. (AS-2 is the small but very high resolution EO satellite with X-band radar manufactured by NEC.) JEOSS operates AS-2 and has been selling images since September 2018. We would like to introduce our current image analysis products with our sales partner JSI at the exhibition booth!

Booth 24 Korea Aerospace Research Institute, KARI

Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) is a specialized institution founded for national development through the research and development of aerospace scientific technologies. National Satellite Operation & Application Center of KARI is dedicated to the operation of government satellites and the systematic and efficient utilization of satellite data. It manages the satellite data generated by government satellites and conducts the development of cutting-edge satellite operating technology and R&D utilizing satellite data. In IGARSS 2019, we will exhibit simple application examples of KOMPSAT series satellite images including disaster monitoring, generation of SAR interferogram.

Booth 30 MDPI

Remote Sensing (ISSN 2072-4292, IF: 4.118, http://www.mdpi.com/journal/remotesensing) is an open access peer-reviewed journal, published by MDPI. It publishes regular research papers, reviews, letters and communications covering all aspects of remote sensing science, from sensor design, validation / calibration, to its application in geosciences, environmental sciences, ecology and civil engineering. Our aim is to publish novel/improved methods/approaches and/or algorithms of remote sensing to benefit the community. Remote Sensing is indexed in the Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science).

Booth 25 National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER)

National Institute of Environmental Research has been consolidating its position as a leading government-run research institute dedicated to environmental studies by streamlining its organization and reinforcing its research capacity.

NIER remain committed to better fulfilling its role as a government-run environmental research institute whose work is vital to the development and implementation of Korea’s environmental policies and pollution prevention programs.

NIER has been developing Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer to improve capabilities to monitor and forecast climate change and air quality in East Asia. GEMS is loaded aboard GEO-KOMPSAT2B, a follow-up complex satellite to Cheollian Satellite, which is planned to be launched in 2019.

Booth 22 Norderelbe GmbH

You are looking for a trustworthy partner for state of the art, powerful, precise and low cost HF remote sensing solutions? Norderelbe is right address!

Ionosonde: The transmitter sweeps part of the HF frequency range, transmitting short pulses. Pulses are reflected at various layers of the ionosphere, and echos are received and analyzed by the control system. The result is displayed in ionogram.

Oceanography: Our HF radar is a noninvasive system that measure and map near-surface ocean currents in coastal waters. Moreover it is possible to measure waves heights and it provides an indirect estimate of local wind direction.

Booth 19 PCI Geomatics

PCI Geomatics, founded in 1982, is the world leader in geo-imaging products and solutions. PCI Geomatics has set the standard in remote sensing and image processing tools offering customized solutions to the geomatics community in over 135 countries. PCI Geomatics is the developer of Geomatica® - a complete and integrated desktop software that features tools for remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, geospatial analysis, map production, mosaicking and more. Geomatica® software enables users to apply imagery in support of a wide range of applications such as the environment, agriculture, security and intelligence, defense, as well as in the oil and gas industries.

Booth 23 SI Imaging Services

SI Imaging Services(SIIS) is the exclusive worldwide marketing and sales representative of KOMPSAT series KOMPSAT-2, KOMPSAT-3, KOMPSAT-3A, and KOMPSAT-5. SIIS contributes remote sensing and earth observation industries by providing very high resolution optical and SAR images through over 110 sales partners worldwide.

Customers from industries as well as government and international agencies are using KOMPSAT imagery for their mission and researches. They achieve excellent results in several remote sensing applications such as mapping, agriculture, disaster management, and so on. SIIS started its business as a satellite image and service provider and extended its business to KOMPSAT operation.

Booth 17 Space Shift, Inc.

Space Shift Inc. is a Japanese SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) data analysis software development company. We are very focused on core software components for SAR data analysis like change detection, feature extraction, subsidence analysis with InSAR. Our customers are Marketing, Insurance, Finance, Media and so on different from traditional customers like government. Please come by our booth 17 to see demonstration of our software.

Other Exhibitors
Booth 4 Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS)

The GRSS is the organizer of the IGARSS conference. It is a technical society of the IEEE

Booth 26 IGARSS 2020 Waikoloa, Hawaii

This booth will represent IGARSS 2020 which will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Waikoloa, Hawaii. We will a continuous video loop showing sights to see on the island and some of the interesting history of the Hawaiian Islands. The booth will be decorated with balloons with the logo of IGARSS 2020 and will be manned by members of the 2020 team. Call for the 2020 event will be passed out and question will be answered.

Booth 2 NASA

Please visit the NASA exhibit at IGARSS 2019! NASA’s exhibit will feature the Hyperwall—a video wall capable of simultaneously displaying multiple, high-definition, science data visualizations, which are produced by NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio (svs.gsfc.nasa.gov). Representatives from different NASA Science programs will make presentations on the Hyperwall to highlight NASA’s latest Earth science developments. Staff from NASA also will be available to provide information about NASA Science programs and answer questions. Two student-focused Hyperwall presentations on Monday, July 29 will offer Japanese remote sensing students an opportunity to see the latest results from NASA’s Earth science missions.

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