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Paper Title Harmony: an Earth Explorer 10 mission candidate to observe land, ice, and ocean surface dynamics
Paper IdentifierTU3.R3.4
Authors Paco Lopez Dekker, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands; Helmut Rott, Enveo, Austria; Pau Prats-Iraola, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany; Bertrand Chapron, Ifremer, France; Klaus Scipal, Erik De Witte, European Space Agency (ESA), Italy
Session Spaceborne SAR Missions
Location Room 311-312
Session Time Tuesday, 30 July, 14:40 - 15:20
Presentation Time Tuesday, 30 July, 14:40 - 15:00
Presentation Mode Oral
Topic Mission, Sensors and Calibration: Satellite Missions